About the Monkey

Joel is a NREMT-P and a licensed paramedic in Kentucky. He has been a firefighter since 1993, holding IFSAC FF 1 and 2 certifications, and Fire Service Instructor. Joel is also a certified Fire Inspector in Kentucky, Rope Rescue instructor, Hazmat Technician, Swift water rescue technician, trench rescue technician, and confined space technician.

All EMS stories have been altered to protect the privacy of the indivuduals involved. Names and places have also been altered. The opinions here do not reflect those of my employers.


3 Responses to About the Monkey

  1. Kim Kolarik says:

    Regarding your tweet about Kindle: Tools like that and apps are developed at corporate level for Gannett. Sorry. There are many opportunities to pursue. Thanks for asking.

  2. Here is one for you

  3. Thanks for your feedback on @PhilosophyBB! If you enjoy the show and use iTunes, one way to support us is to write a 5-star review on iTunes. Either way, thank you for listening and for reaching out, and for what you do here in Lexington. Eric

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