Natural Bridge Health Symposium

I was lucky enough to attend the Natural Bridge Health Symposium for the second year this past weekend.

One presentation was about burnout in healthcare, EMS in particular. The speaker mentioned that one technique to reduce stress is to find an activity or hobby to help relax and take your mind off work. My hobby is photography. Here are my images from the weekend in and around the Red River Gorge.

Creation Falls

Gladie Barn

Rock Bridge Trail

Rock Shelter

Avoidance Sun

Abandoned Barn

Red River Gorge Painterly

Gladie Cabin 2

Abandoned Barn 2nd Crop

Gladie Cabin

Creation Falls Camping

Red River Gorge Sunset

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About Joel

I am a paramedic, firefighter and I work for an organ procurement organization. All stories related to work have been altered to HIPPA standards and for the protection of those involved. The personal stories are different. Photography, flying, aviation, hiking, camping, travel, geocaching, amateur radio are a few of my hobbies.
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4 Responses to Natural Bridge Health Symposium

  1. These photos are awesome where snouts r u I will twitpic today’s weather from sunny Manchester

  2. Gwen Morse says:

    Hey Joel–just trying to contact you and get some info for my daughter who is a EMT-Basic soon to be Paramedic as soon as she takes written National Registry. Her company (a privately owned ambulance company that shares calls with the local/city/county/fire rescue) has been on 24 hour shifts–8 AM to 8 AM -with 2 off days (I guess you would say 24/48 from reading your blogs). Now, they are going to 8 PM to 8 PM shifts. This seems to be causing lots of staffing problems, family concerns and morale issues. What is the USUAL 24 hour staffing schedule? Does it just depend on the scheduler or is there a “prefered” or “best practices” scenario?

  3. Joel says:

    Gwen, staffing is dependent on the run (or call) volume of the service. The schedule should accommodate the needs of the service.

    I do not understand why they would start their 24 hour shift at night. It’s well known that EMS calls are more frequent during the day time. Why any service would want to have their workers already be exhausted at their peak operating time is beyond my comprehension. Should they have a busy night, they will be starting their second half with no sleep and not much hope of getting any rest.

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