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  • 10:45 I’m waiting to see a few leaf trombone players get together and perform.
  • 13:38 Trying Pocket Informant app for iPhone. Really liked the winmo version. Hopefully they can do good with this app
  • 17:11 Why is KYTelco Bank not in the 21st century? They need to get with the freaking program so I can D/L my accounts into Quicken.
  • 17:15 Feeling crappy. I’m going to vent frustrations of virtual airplanes.
  • 17:27 Pink Floyd on the iPod & flying. This should be good

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About Joel

I am a paramedic, firefighter and I work for an organ procurement organization. All stories related to work have been altered to HIPPA standards and for the protection of those involved. The personal stories are different. Photography, flying, aviation, hiking, camping, travel, geocaching, amateur radio are a few of my hobbies.
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