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  • 07:50 @dancanon negligent hiring? Glad I don’t have to speak lawyer at my job. Medical Lingo is enough for me.
  • 08:33 @joschmoblo Sleep much lately?
  • 08:54 @joschmoblo Sick day, mental health is important also.
  • 08:54 @PhotoMonkey Go for it. You only live once
  • 09:03 "I met a girl who sang the blues, I asked her for some happy news but she just smiled and turned away"
  • 09:08 I need to head out and get some hands on with the new phones. Must say that the Iphone is enticing
  • 09:27 @michellej Seems like veryone is writting apps for Iphone and not for Windows mobile
  • 09:38 @michellej The entire staff of OCEMS have iphones, they are addicted. I think Iphone addiction is incurable.
  • 09:47 @lbrenner They use little butterfly needles for that. I’ve got 14 ga IV’s in my bag they look like stirring straws.
  • 09:48 I am really going to leave, but Pandora Radio is playing songs I haven’t heard in a long time. Don’t want to turn it off 😦
  • 09:51 @GrantGresham They best they have is the Blackberry storm.
  • 09:58 @ConstantineXVI I know, they will cater to what is popular, but even Microsoft is behind in their WinMo updates. Deepfish was canceled
  • 10:02 @ConstantineXVI You’re right. They can’t get a decent UI, and they are always behind the curve. Lots of 3rd party apps though
  • 10:33 @michellej You need to see this. It is about anhour long, but GREAT for presentations.
  • 10:33 @michellej I try to make all my classes more interesting, and less Death by power point.
  • 10:33 @Buckman ROTF, thats freaking funny
  • 10:35 @michellej
  • 10:39 @michellej I do most of my teaching in the narrative style. I use the slides as simple examples. I despise bullet points.
  • 10:40 I’m headed out, to test drive a few phone/PDA (and an Iphone of course). Can’t tweet cause mine is broken 😦
  • 10:43 @joschmoblo show them this
  • 11:04 Testing an iphone. hard to type
  • 11:14 moved to fuze. looks nice, still winmo laggy though.
  • 11:36 Tried cracknberry curve, I didn’t like it at all
  • 11:37 Looks like iPhone is best 4 me
  • 11:56 Presentation Zen @joschmoblo @michellej
  • 11:58 @joschmoblo w/o touchflo it would be same old lame WM6.1 interface. I wouldn’t upgrade for that
  • 11:59 Blackbery curve, does not easily connect to MS exchange server. Can’t get work email with curve
  • 12:01 @joschmoblo No problem. Getting used to typing will be toughest I think. But motor memory will kick in i hope
  • 12:05 @ConstantineXVI We had a few people at Firehouse that traded their BB in for something WinMo based.
  • 12:07 @ConstantineXVI Maybe it was Small business server that didn’t integrate well. THey all called BB support with no resolution
  • 12:55 @bdunckel Really? Our windchill now is 7. Tonights temp is 9. Wanna move north to Kentucky?
  • 13:00 Listening to SOA with LYO. Hope they play something good
  • 13:02 @OutlanderUSA looking for replacement phone. Not much fun seeing the prices.
  • 13:24 @OutlanderUSA Yes, I have a tilt that is now broken (due to a fall yesterday)
  • 13:24 O, I feel kind of lost without my PDA phone. I have no idea whats going on. Keep having to check desktop for info.
  • 13:32 I would seriously consider a HTC touch pro (fuze) if I didn’t have to pay the full $499 for it. Phone company scam, I tell you
  • 13:51 @heyitsmare It’s even worse there. They are hocking ‘unlocked’ phones and charge $200 more than MSRP
  • 13:52 @heyitsmare No problem. I’m always looking for new ideas. The wife surely doesn’t want to drop $500 for a new phone for me.
  • 13:58 Not too bad. Not much surface bruising, but Left ankle/foot hurts today.
  • 14:01 @heyitsmare thanks me too.
  • 15:41 @joschmoblo Still thinking it over. Leaning towards Iphone 8gb for $399
  • 15:42 @Squirrel325 Nope, I posted one last week, hey wait…now my phone is broken? Coincidence?
  • 15:46 Tried an old phone I had laying around. It’s broken too, no wonder I upgraded. I didn’t break the old one.
  • 16:27 @joschmoblo Looks like I’m going to buy Iphone tonight before Actors Theater show. WooHoo!
  • 16:45 RT @funambulator: Swaers like a Gangsta Rapper
  • 16:46 @dancanon I don’t believe @funambulator is that innocent. No one is.
  • 23:07 I have now become one of the sheep. I bought the iphone. Time to play 🙂
  • 23:37 @joschmoblo Why is the drama always surrounding you?
  • 23:52 @OutlanderUSA Yes, but a little quiet today
  • 23:57 @OutlanderUSA Twitter has been quiet today
  • 23:57 @OutlanderUSA You have been busy I guess.
  • 23:57 @fire_fighter Morning already?
  • 23:57 @joschmoblo Maybe you shouldn’t be driving?
  • 01:22 Listening to a little Pink Floyd while my Iphone syncs the music.

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I am a paramedic, firefighter and I work for an organ procurement organization. All stories related to work have been altered to HIPPA standards and for the protection of those involved. The personal stories are different. Photography, flying, aviation, hiking, camping, travel, geocaching, amateur radio are a few of my hobbies.
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