004/365 Pike

004/365 Pike Pole

I am slightly worried about my creative abilities while at work. Eventually I will run out of things to shoot in the firehouse. I really wanted to shoot a whole series of tools today but I held back so I wouldn’t get stuck later. I will do a whole series over the year about the tools we use, but for now here is the pike pole.

I am a lighting geek. I thought of this yesterday, sihoueting a pike pole head. This one took me about fourty five minutes to set up and try different angles. I had to make a couple of snoots for my flashes to keep the light from spilling everywhere. I had a good shot similar to this with a little light reflected on the face of the tool but as it turnes out my focus was off so I junked that image. Whats that I hear? You want technical specs? Ok you asked for it:

Canon 10D 1/250 sec F2.8
105mm Macro lens
Vivitar 430 Camera Left w/ DIY snoot
Vivitar 850 camera right 1/8 power w/ DIY snoot


About Joel

I am a paramedic, firefighter and I work for an organ procurement organization. All stories related to work have been altered to HIPPA standards and for the protection of those involved. The personal stories are different. Photography, flying, aviation, hiking, camping, travel, geocaching, amateur radio are a few of my hobbies.
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